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Training & Education

At Sadguru, we strongly believe that for any NRM intervention to be successful, the stakeholders—usually uneducated, poor, tribal farmers—have be provided education and basic training to operate and maintain. Consistently and continuously, very high priority is given to the training and capacity enhancement to different groups within organization and external groups on different subjects / topics, mainly related with NRM. All our programs have integral arrangement for the training and capacity building and as a result our programs are well-managed had have good impact.  
Training and capacity building in Sadguru Foundation is a massive effort, both at the Training Institute and at village level. Similarly, thousands of participants from other states and NGOs benefit from our Training and Capacity building programs. Our Training Institute provides strong field-based training to all the groups in relevant activities. Because we have vast experience through our field activities in NRM, our training in NRM has also become very effective.  Participants from reputed organizations such as Reliance Foundation, Rajiv Gandhi Watershed Mission M.P., Tata Steel Rural Development Society, Jamshedpur, Irrigation Department of West Bengal, XISS- Ranchi, IIFM- Bhopal, etc. have also participated in our training and exposure events.
Every year, we hold more than 300 training programs covering over 15,000 participants: for external groups, for other NGOs, for village functionaries and for village partners. Continuous education and training programs for our own are additional. 


Participant Feedback

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Master Training for NGOs

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Training Institute

We have built an advanced education and training facility at our headquarters in Chosala. It has the capacity to accommodate 200 participants in residential training and another 10...


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