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Water Resources

Water Resources Development has been a prime program of the Sadguru Foundation, as most of our activities are based on and revolve around water and watershed land. The Foundation began its activity with water resources four decades ago, pioneering it in the NGO sector. As far as possible this program is the entry point activity-depending on the development potential, willingness of the community and availability of financial resources-when we enter in new village. 

Sadguru is known nationally and internationally for its specialisation and contribution in small scale water resources development based on appropriate technology for the most backward regions and people. With the clear focus on strong technical designs, effective project implementation, and post-project management along with full participation of the community, Sadguru has successfully completed more than thousand water resources development projects directly benefiting over two million people. There are hundreds of studies, reports and success stories on water sector program of Sadguru Foundation. 

Five types of programs are usually undertaken for water resources development: Community Lift Irrigation Scheme; Community Masonary Check Dams; Wells Development and Recharge; Drinking Water Schemes; and Micro Watershed Development. In addition, we provide guidance, training and consultancy services to other NGOs operating this field in other regions of India. 


Small-scale Masonry Check Dams

With the availability of enough rains and a vast network of rivers and rivulets, the project areas of Sadguru Foundation offers great scope for water harvesting on these sources. C...

Drinking Water Schemes

This is a relatively new programme. Cumulatively, 99 drinking water systems have been installed so far which are managed entirely by the community under women managed Pani Samiti.W...

Micro-Watershed Development

Micro-watershed development can be considered as one of the best programs in rural development, both in terms of immediate and targeted effects. It improves the quality of life of ...


Flood rehabilitation: People succeeded where Government did not

72 Lift Irrigation schemes in Dahod, Gujarat and Banswara, Rajasthan were damaged by heavy floods during the last phase of monsoon 2012.


India ranks 1st in the world production of Pomegranate, Mango, Banana, Papaya, & Guava.


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