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Five Self-Help Group (SHG) federations are very active in their usual activity of saving credit; besides, they are intensively involved in agriculture-related activities. Thousands of farmers under SHG federations took up vegetables and spices cultivation on a massive scale.There are over 1,600 very strong women SHG groups with a membership of over 17,500 women. These SHGs have been federated into five taluka level federations in Dahod. All SHGs and their members have been very actively involved in livelihood activities around NRM. The major activities that the members of these SHG groups are involved are wadi, floriculture, vegetable cultivation, vegetable under trellis system, drip irrigation, net houses, seeds production, nursery raising, vermi compost, milk production, etc. Their federations have been very actively involved as nodal and supervising organization for different scientific agriculture activities involving the members of SHGs. For example, an entire programme of Department of Horticulture was routed through Horticulture federations and SHGs with the financial support for different activities given to federation. It was a massive activity involving more than 10,000 farmers and mobilizing about Rs. 11 crore. The specific major activities: vegetable cultivation, spices cultivation. These federations were also involved in Package of Practices (PoPs) and distribution of inputs. One federation also got the licence for selling certified seeds.  

All the members of these SHGs have been linked with institutional finance from the banks and their repayment has been 100%, transacting crores of rupees every year. Their own savings have reached nearly Rs. 3 crores. One SHG federation of Dhanpur taluka has been managing agriculture mechanization programme having 18 tractors at their disposal and serving thousands of farmers through this activity.

  • SHG Cluster Leader Meeting

    in Garbada taluka of Dahod district, Gujarat

  • SHG Member Meeting

    SHG Member’s saving and credit meetng at cluster level at Minakyar, Garbada taluka of Dahod district, Gujarat


India ranks 1st in the world production of Pomegranate, Mango, Banana, Papaya, & Guava.


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